San Francisco’s Bi-Annual Corgi Con Celebration Remains Endlessly Adorable

Sometimes life can feel relentlessly bleak. Between the Presidential election nightmare and the horrible events in Orlando, it seems like everything good in the world just gets crushed. However, there is a ray of sunshine through all the gloom, and that sunshine is Corgi Con in San Francisco.

The gathering of adorable pups started in 2013 in California with just a few participants, but it has grown over the past few years into a massive bi-annual event, with over 800 corgis taking part in this year’s festivities. The most recent Corgi Con event took place on Ocean Beach, because beaches + dogs = pure bliss. The stubby-legged bundles of happiness participate in races, costume contests, and other adorable activities (including an unofficial wedding proposal). It truly is quite a time to be alive.

On top of the non-stop cuteness, all of the proceeds earned in this day of fun go towards very worthy causes, the corgi rescues Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue and Corgi Aid. Fall’s Corgi Con has yet to be announced, but will take place sometime in October.

According to Corgi Con founder Cynthia Lee, “You don’t have to have a corgi to come out, you just have to have a love of corgis.” That means pretty much everyone with two eyes and a heart, so if you live in the area or feel a road trip coming on, you should definitely add this glorious celebration to your bucket list.

(Via Mashable)