Henry Rollins On The Importance Of Travel And Overcoming Fears

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Henry Rollins is a travel legend. His grand adventures in the far-flung corners of the world have inspired countless travelers. Oh, and he’s also a rock ‘n roll god — with a career spanning four decades with S.O.A, Black Flag, Rollins Band, and a slew of iconic collaborators. Add in a thriving writing and spoken word career and there’s no denying Rollins’s standing as an urgent and wholly original voice in the American zeitgeist.

On a personal level, Henry Rollins has long been a big part of the reason I love travel. Looking back, when I first started traveling, I never really had a good answer as to “why.” I liked being somewhere new, experiencing new foods, all the usual things you say when you’re young and not really sure. It was during my early travels that I started reading about Rollins’s global wanderings. He inspired me to travel further and go places everyone back home told me were too scary or dangerous.

Since Henry Rollins was a crucial stepping stone to my life as an adventurer, I always hoped that one day we’d get to sit down and swap travel tales. Last week, that dream came true. Rollins spoke to me about travel, the state of our world, and still made time to drop in some good music recommendations.

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