This Man Ate For Only $4 Per Day To Help You Rethink Your Relationship With Food

09.13.16 3 years ago 10 Comments

Some people out there have no option but to change the world. They see something that isn’t quite working and they have an innate drive to make it better. They long to understand people, groups, and long-standing ideas that might conflict with their own. If understanding can’t be found, inspiration and transformation must take place. The people I’m talking about are often at the forefront of big things. Those are the people we focus on for #TheMadOnes and Rob Greenfield is one of those people.

Greenfield is the best kind of crazy. He peddled across America on a homemade bamboo bike, to prove that sustainable living was not only do-able, but fun. Shortly following his coast to coast adventure, Greenfield set out on a trip to illuminate a simple concept: “People are good.” He flew to Panama City on a one way flight with nothing but the clothes on his back and a passport in his pocket. His mission was to get home to San Diego and 37 days later, with 10 cents in his pocket, that’s exactly what he did.

After hearing about Greenfield’s journey through Central America, I wanted to pick his brain specifically about that trip, but as soon as I got him on the phone, the Panama adventure became an afterthought. The “dude doing good” is onto his next mission, and I had to catch up. Currently, Greenfield is re-evaluating the way our country views food, food deserts, and waste, and he talked to me extensively about all of it.

Eventually, we touched on his journey through the Americas, but with the candle burning at so many ends, and things always changing, I was glad just to have a conversation with the guy.

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