This Artist Repackaged Your Favorite Snack Foods For Hipsters And It’s Brilliant

There are certain things that hipsters will not eat. They include Twinkies, Slim Jims, and Nerds (the best candy). Why this hatred of all things wonderful and delicious? Easy answer: Junk food doesn’t come from underground (hipsters love things that come from underground, both literally and metaphorically). They also aren’t free-range, organic, or aesthetically pleasing. That’s why, Bored Panda points out, you’ll never find your favorite flavor of TastyKake or a Home Run Pie in a hipster’s fridge or pantry. Little Debbie? Never gonna happen.

But what if that food was rebranded? (**Buzz Word Alert!**) What if you turned a Slim Jim into a Slim James? What if the Cap’n, the beloved mascot who brings you the only cereal that will tear your mouth up worse than Steve Martin in Little Shop Of Horrors, became a Captain? What if Twinkies, a perennial favorite and bomb shelter staple, were served to you in a gilded box and Fruit by the Foot suddenly came with a French label? Would hipsters buy them then?

Short answer: Probably. That’s where Dan Meth comes in. The artist — who’s also the author and illustrator of the sci-fi epic The Regolith — made fantasy into reality by turning some of the foods we haven’t eaten since childhood into handmade, artisanal treasures. Let’s take a trip down this wonderland of enchanted surprises, shall we?