Death Valley’s ‘Super Bloom’ Is The Best Reason To Head To The Desert In 11 Years

You’ve heard of Death Valley — the dry desert that’s considered the hottest place in North America. The harsh landscape and scorching heat may have kept you away in the past, but this year there’s a rare and wonderful reason to make the trek — especially if you really, really like flowers. Death Valley’s usually barren landscape is currently blanketed in more than 20 species of colorful desert wildflowers thanks to a rare “super bloom.”

Unusually strong storms conspired to create the best wildflower crop since 2005, and according to our man Park Ranger Alan in the video above, this could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

AirBnB pickings are slim in the area, so track down a friend with a tent, load up a car with AC and be sure to pack hiking boots for Titus Canyon. If rare events and 10 years of bragging rights don’t do it for you, we can think of about a billion reasons to head out to the desert this month; just look up.