This Kind Veterinarian Eating Breakfast With A Rescue Dog Will Make Your Day

We humans haven’t been doing so well with our treatment of the animal kingdom lately, but one veterinarian is doing his part to undo some of the badness that’s been done. Andy Mathis, a veterinarian at Granite Hills Animal Care, in Elberton, Georgia, had been caring for a small dog named Graycie, who had been found abandoned in the middle of nowhere in particularly bad shape. While her wounds and various illnesses were extensive, he wanted to give the poor pooch her best chance at recovery instead of putting her down.

While her body began to heal, the sad dog’s spirit was still broken and her mistrust of people firmly in place. In an attempt to meet Graycie in an environment where she would feel safe, Mathis started eating his breakfast with Graycie in her crate. As the dog began to understand that the man is not a threat, she slowly relaxes, settling into a newfound sense of security. There is still a long road for Graycie to go until she’s recovered, but it’s nice knowing that Dr. Mathis will be there with her along the way. This is a great reminder that people don’t have to be unrelentingly cruel to our animal friends, and that the world would be a much better place with more kindness like this. Is someone chopping onions in here?