All The Summer ’16 Adventures We Swear Not To Miss Next Year

Although every summer feels like it might never end, inevitably the days get shorter and the clothes get layered. With festivities winding down and pumpkin spice lattes back on the menu, we’re rounding up a few of the gems you might have missed these past few months: festivals, road trips, summer camp, back yard madness. The goal is to start setting aside a few dollars, accruing those PTO hours, and lock in whichever good times you just can’t live out.

See A Movie At A Drive-In Theater

In you ask us, there aren’t nearly enough of these left in the world. But, the ones that are left are straight up dream-worthy. If you’re lucky enough to find one somewhat near by, then go, go, go. Important: bringing someone to make out with is crucial.

Skate An Empty Pool

Shred sesh, anyone? This is how skating rose to prominence and it’s still being done today. With California’s current drought, there are plenty of pools available in LA.

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Go Pinkies Out

Treat yourself to a few days of silly fruity drinks and poolside lounging. Read a trashy romance novel where someone gets poisoned and cultivate a nice tan. Get a massage and order room service. If you can’t afford the resort lifestyle, make one at home sans cabana boy: inflatable pool + blender + Jimmy Buffett soundtrack = #vacationlife.

Get Off The Grid

If a tree falls and there is no one to Instagram it… then that’s a good weekend. Get out there and get unplugged before it’s too late. Go camping, go glamping, sleep in your car, or under the stars, rent a cabin, or crash with some locals.

Find A Swimming Hole

Rivers, and lakes, and canyons, oh boy! Venture off the beaten path and find those water ways that are really worth the hike.

Visit A National Park

They’re right outside your door and your support keeps them open. Most parks have epic accommodations if you’re not into camping, but it’s a given that nothing really beats sleeping under the stars. Find the park nearest you.

Turn Your Neighborhood Into A Playground

Throw a block party or splash in a fire hydrant, buy a slip and slide and a kiddie pool and post up for the day!

Go To A Fair

Few things are as iconic as a summer fair. Eat all the snacks, drink all the beer, and ride all the rides until you puke.

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FYF Fest – Los Angeles, CA

Tickets go on sale in April every year and the lineup leaves little for want. If camping out isn’t your thing, then this sort of festival is right up your alley.

Lollapalooza – Chicago, IL

Held once again at the historic Grant Park in Chicago from August 3-6, we loved our time there!

Sasquatch! – Gorge, WA

Quite possibly one of the most beautiful festivals in the country. Sasquatch is held at The Gorge Amphitheater over Memorial Day weekend.

River Floating – Anywhere USA

Find your nearest moving body of water, and permitting some sort of safety precautions, get your float on. All you really need is an inner tube, a six pack and you’re set.

Take A Road Trip

We highly recommend the iconic drive up The One in California if you’ve never done it. Other must-see-bucket-list-road-trips take you through hub of national parks in Utah, or hug the gulf coast through the south, or simply lead you to a roadside diner in the middle of nowhere.

Adult Summer Camp

We’re stupid excited that this is a real thing. Our top three picks right now are — Camp Grounded in Anderson Valley, California, Soul Camp in Honesdale, Penn, and Camp No Counselors (which has an open bar for your entire stay).

Burning Man

A thing all it’s own. Part art and music fest, massive camp out, fashion fiesta, road trip destination, and pretty much anything else you can come up with. It’s at the top of our list for next year.

Fall In Love

Because it’s never too late for a summer fling.

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