Here’s Why FYF Fest Is The Best End-Of-Summer Music Festival

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After the crushing all-consumingness of Lollapalooza, with its swarm of vendor tents, stages upon stages, and four days of music, maybe it was important to have a stark contrast in the form of FYF Fest. Pared down to two days, with four stages (and an intimate DJ spot) and a smaller layout, FYF seemed more manageable and easy to navigate. The fun of festival season is its varied lineups – with some overlap – locales, crowds, and formats. Each has their place.

FYF coming after Lollapalooza felt so much more fitting. Had the two been flipped on the schedule, the crush of the behemoth that is Perry Ferrell’s brainchild would’ve been too much. I don’t know if I would have made it. FYF was the Bloody Mary after the hangover. It perked me up, and gave me the energy to devour almost any band that was thrown at me. Locals have grumbled that FYF is different than it used to be, and that’s true. But it hasn’t gone the way of Coachella or Lollapalooza, not yet anyway. If it does, the Medusa effect will take hold – three more smaller festivals will spring up in its place.

From Grace Jones to Kendrick Lamar, and Head Wound City to Anohni, there was something for everyone. Plus the fans at the event were some of the chillest of any festival I’ve ever attended, which made enjoying the acts that much easier. Of course, the experience is a big part of why you go. But the music’s still important too. FYF made it easy to get both.

Here’s the best of what we saw over the weekend.

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