Three Cars Were Set On Fire In Front Of Former UFC Champ Anthony Pettis’ Milwaukee Home

Getty Image / FOX 6

A day after the announcement that Anthony Pettis would be fighting Max Holloway for what must be a #1 contender fight at UFC 206 (even though the featherweight division is in limbo), more news surrounds former UFC lightweight champ. Last night, three (3) cars were set on fire outside his Milwaukee home around 1am CST. The fire was quickly put out by firefighters, but charred skeletons of his automobiles and a badly singed garage left a scary reminder that this could’ve been much worse.

Currently, the police have no leads but said the suspect used an accelerant to spread the fire from the first two cars to the third. It doesn’t seem like this was an accident. “I saw a car speeding through the neighborhood,” neighbor Carson Blaszak told FOX 6. “Right around the same time as that happened, there was kind of a large bang. It was three cars caught on fire. I just, I ran outside, and I was hoping, you know, the house hopefully wasn’t gonna catch on fire.”

As of last week, Pettis was training in Thailand, and he hasn’t addressed the issue on social media. It’s unknown if he’s still there, or if he was a witness to the fire.

(Via FOX)