Brock Lesnar Once Tricked His Wife Into Looking Through Poop For A Wedding Ring

06.10.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

Brock Lesnar is making the rounds to promote his UFC 200 fight, and his latest stop was on ESPN’s Highly Questionable. As far as ESPN talking head show interviews go, this one is pretty good. Bomani Jones and Dan Le Batard get Lesnar to open up about his alcohol and drug problems, fighting in bars and when he stopped getting picked on as the younger brother.

Lesnar delves into how he doesn’t remember a large chunk of his life because of the partying, life on the road and how he had a bottle cracked over his skull. It’s all very interesting and worth hearing, but it was the final question from Le Batard’s father, Gonzalo, that yields the best answer.

“Brock, what is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for your wife?”

If you’ve never done an interview, sometimes a question like this is hard to answer. You’re talking about addiction and the celebrity lifestyle for six minutes, then someone springs this on you. Your mind starts searching for an answer that is not only accurate, but can be told on television. You want to keep it PG, and also that’s a lot of years of memories to cycle through on the spot.

Keeping all that in mind, Lesnar somehow ended up telling a story that features his wife – who is former WWE icon Sable, for the record – sifting through poop-filled diapers for her wedding ring because he hid the ring, told her that their son swallowed the ring and he probably pooped it out.

And Lesnar let her continue to think that for two days. Two days!

“It’s so not romantic, but it’s funny, isn’t it?”

Never change, Brock.


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