Watch A Guy Get Knocked Into Oblivion With This Crazy Tornado Kick

Tae Kwon Do doesn’t always get the respect it deserves, probably because most of us associate it with 8-year-olds swaddled in brightly colored pads. Well, hopefully this quick Instagram video will help reform the sport in your mind. It shows TKD fighter Gus Villa from this past weekend hitting his opponent with an epic tornado kick right to the head.

Actually, there’s some debate amongst martial artists as to what this move should be called. Some boil it down to a tornado kick while others insist it’s a 360 roundhouse kick into a spinning hook kick. His brother Damian, a Tae Kwon Do badass in his own right, captured the moment and captioned it thusly: “A beautiful KO on the part of my brother Gus Villa competing this weekend. Fortunately, the other competitor is fine!”

Which is definitely what I was worried about after watching the video. It’s all fun to cheer on your fighter… until he almost knocks his opponent’s head into the bleachers. Then you almost feel somewhat responsible. Note the score in the background of the video; it was 4-0 for Villa when he unleashed that spinning nightmare upon the poor guy in front of him.

(via /r/mma)

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