Miesha Tate Is Still Pissed At The UFC Over Ronda Rousey Snub

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09.23.15 8 Comments

Ronda Rousey is set to fight Holly Holm on November 14 in Melbourne, Australia. But before that, the plan was Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate, Part III. Tate had to defeat a very game Jessica Eye in what was widely promoted as a No. 1 contender match, and when rumors swirled that a long-anticipated fight between Rousey and Cris Cyborg might happen, UFC president Dana White repeated that “Ronda is fighting Miesha Tate next.”

Then, Ronda Rousey went on Good Morning America and announced she’d be fighting No. 8-ranked Holm instead. Tate woke up a few hours later to several dozen messages on her phone from friends and managers, plus a text message from the UFC apologizing for the last-second switch. It doesn’t sound like she’s accepted that apology. The UFC had planned on having Tate fight Amanda Nunes, but Miesha turned the fight down. Here’s her reasoning, via Ground and Pound TV:

“More things are going to have to be contractually agreed upon, instead of verbally. That’s just what happens when you can’t come to a verbal trust point. I’m going to have to have things just written down from now on.”

“I’m very frustrated with the UFC. I’m not in a position where I feel like I need to be pushed around and, ‘Oh, you take this fight, take that fight.’ It makes no sense to me why I’m not the champion and yet I’m fighting all the No. 1 contenders. Amanda Nunes is ranked No. 4 and Holm is ranked No. 8. What is wrong with that picture? I’m not the champion and I’m fighting better girls than the champion is fighting, and I’m not getting paid what the champion is getting paid. That is the champion’s job, to fight the best girls in the world. When I’m the champion, we’ll talk.”

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