This Devastating Flying Knee Knockout From Bellator 170 Will Make Your Head Hurt

Contributing Writer

Of all the ways to lose an MMA match, flying knee to the face is right up there with Kimura that breaks your arm and checked leg kick that snaps your leg in half. It’s as gruesome and as painful as can be, and unfortunately for Brennan Ward he was at the wrong end of a brutal flying knee from Paul Daley at Bellator 170.

Bellator is no stranger to destructive flying knee knockouts, it was just last July at Bellator 158 that Michael “Venom” Page landed a knee so powerful that it literally crushed his opponent Cyborg Santos’ face. That one even sounded painful.

The latest of the Bellator highlight-reel flying knees came halfway through the opening round, after a spinning elbow from Daley sent Ward stumbling back and looking to cover. Daley pounced quickly, launching into the flying knee and ending Ward’s night in an instant.

It’s still January, but the knee is the early frontrunner for MMA knockout of the year and has a good chance to last all the way until December. The win sends Daley’s record to an absurd 39–14–2, and the knee was so vicious that Ward had to be removed from the cage on a stretcher.

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