Ronda Rousey Is Ready To Be Pepper Sprayed At Standing Rock If Neccessary To Stop The Pipeline

Ronda Rousey is back in the spotlight again, following up on her disappointing loss to Amanda Nunes at the end of December with some feel good charity work. Yesterday photos surfaced of Rousey at the Standing Rock protester camp, where the Sioux tribe and ‘Water Protectors’ are trying to stop the Dakota Access pipeline from crossing the Missouri River and potentially contaminating their drinking water. Now we have more details on what exactly Ronda was doing there.

“When you’re in camp, it’s very hard to access fresh food, like fresh vegetables,” protester Linda Black Elk (featured center in the above photo) told TMZ Sports in a video interview. “Especially when you’re on the frozen prairies of the Northern Great Plains. It’s incredibly cold and we’re very far. It’s very difficult to access us and she brought a ton of fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, tents, wood stoves, she did a huge firewood order for us and had it delivered right to camp.”

“Just absolutely amazing, she’s an incredible person and just so humble. She wasn’t asking for any publicity. And when I talked to her about that, she basically said that she felt like a disappointment, just that everyone was really upset with her, and I couldn’t believe I was doing it, but it was very important for me to tell her how important she is to the Native community in particular. She told me that she would come back and stand right on the front lines and get pepper sprayed alongside everyone else!”

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday overturning a US Army Corps Of Engineers decision to halt construction on the pipeline until further environmental research could be done. And while the photos of Ronda appeared shortly after that news came, it turns out she actually delivered the supplies a week ago. It’s just another sign that Rousey is serious about supporting the Standing Rock protesters … as if being willing to take a blast of pepper spray to the face wasn’t proof enough.

(via TMZ Sports)