Enjoy All The Best Memes That Came Out Of A Crazy UFC 196

UFC 196 was a roller coaster of an event. Both Holly Holm and Conor McGregor looked strong early into their fights, only to eventually fall to their underdog opponents — Miesha Tate and Nate Diaz respectively. And you know what happens when heavy favorites bite the dust: the jokers and haters come out of the woodwork and make memes about their losses.

It’s all in good fun, though. Conor and Holly are true warriors who are gonna bounce back from this adversity and continue to make the big bucks fighting in front of millions around the world. So, allow yourself to get a laugh or five out of these great memes that came out of UFC 196…

An accurate description of the women’s bantamweight championship situation right now. Will one of these fighters be able to break the cycle?

It could take hours for all the people to switch hype trains. We haven’t seen things this backed up since Holly Holm kicked Ronda Rousey’s head off.


Oof. Don’t worry, Conor. Most fight fans won’t judge you on a single ground pounding delivered by one of the best jiu jitsu players in the game, and while you were knocked silly to boot.


Yeah, I know you’re sick of Sad Jordan. Which is why we picked only the best SJ for this post. Both Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor have fallen since being put on the cover of EA Sports UFC 2, keeping the creepy EA Sports cover curse alive and well.

Nate Diaz capping Conor’s movement coach Ido Portal, head coach John Kavanagh, and of course Conor McGregor himself.


An accurate summary of UFC 196. Except Nate Diaz isn’t Batman. Or is he?


Always be Batman. Unless you can be Nate Diaz slapping Justin Bieber. Then be Nate Diaz slapping Justin Bieber.

Kron must be a proud jiu jitsu daddy after watching his student cut through McGregor on the ground like a hot knife through butter.

Here’s Sad Dana thinking about all the hard knocks his stars have taken over the past few months. If only the UFC protected its stars like certain other promotions…

“He makes gang signs with the right hand and animal balloons with the left hand.” — Conor McGregor, before he got murked.


Just another reminder that all men must die. It’s easy to make a parallel between McGregor vs. Nate and the Mountain vs. the Viper from Game of Thrones. Conor boxed Nate up for 90 percent of the fight, and then got his face smashed and his throat crushed. The show’s filmed in Ireland, Conor! You should have known what happens when smaller guys face bigger opponents.