Alicia Silverstone Would Prefer Not To Answer Questions About ‘Clueless’

Alicia Silverstone - Clueless
Paramount Pictures/Getty Images

Twenty years after the iconic movie Clueless came out, its star, Alicia Silverstone, would prefer not to answer any interview questions about it. This is what Allison P. Davis of The Cut found out when she interviewed Silverstone at Christian Siriano’s New York Fashion Week show.

Davis apparently had a lot of questions about this particular movie for Silverstone, including whether she and Stacey Dash were still friends. Before she could ask them, however, the actress’ publicist said, “Nothing about Clueless,” apparently hissing this order in her ear.

On the one hand, Beverly Hills’ high school-aged matchmaker Cher Horowitz is still Silverstone’s best-known and best-loved role. On the other hand, the movie came out 20 years ago. It’s fair to be sick of answering questions about it.

So, what did Davis ask Silverstone? She asked about what Silverstone’s son would be nostalgic about in 2050 in terms of pop culture. Silverstone didn’t come up with anything specific or even pop culture related: “I’d like to think they’d be excited about how they protected the Earth. And the fact that they made more creative choices that were also responsible.”

That’s a pretty thoughtful answer. It seems that Silverstone is good at this press thing.

(Via Vulture)