Armie Hammer’s Agents And Publicist Have Reportedly Dropped Him Amidst Allegations Of Sending Disturbing, Graphic Messages To Women

Any hopes that 2021 would at least be less weird than 2020 were quickly dashed. Exhibit A (of already too many): Armie Hammer, acclaimed actor of The Social Network and Call Me By Your Name, has been accused of sending messages to women that were…bizarre, to say the least. A career that seemed to be skyrocketing has suddenly crashed into the earth, with him dropping out of one project after another. Now he’s even been dropped by his agency.

This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, who says that WME has cut ties with the actor amidst the allegations. His publicist has also reportedly severed ties. Said messages were revealed by multiple women, and they include beyond kinky sexual fantasies involving abuse and even cannibalism. Other women have stepped forward with similar allegations. Hammer has denied the claims.

Since being accused, Hammer has stepped out of a number of projects. There was The Offer, Paramount+’s lavish behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Godfather, in which he was to star. He also resigned from an as-yet-untitled action rom-com opposite Jennifer Lopez. (He was replaced by Josh Duhamel.) Meanwhile, his Call Me By Your Name director and co-star, Luca Guadagnino and Timothée Chalamet, are reportedly considering making a movie about cannibalism, without Hammer, with whom they are (were?) supposed to reunite for a CMBYN sequel. In other words, we continue to live in interesting times.

(Via THR)