‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ Now Has An Official Trailer Full Of Treats For Joker Fans

The last time a trailer was floating around for Batman: The Killing Joke, some fool wrote it up as if it was the real thing. They even said it was a great idea to leave Mark Hamill out of the trailer, to keep those key Joker lines hidden so people will buy the actual DVD. It made sense at the time, but that trailer was nothing more than a fan made trailer — pointed out by an eagle-eyed commenter and defended by the fool who wrote about it.

Luckily we have an official look at The Killing Joke this time and it gives us a perfect look at just how accurate this adaptation seems to be compared to the source. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are spitting out lines that are ripped directly from the book itself.

Missing from this trailer is the incredible Bat-Mite, famously swooping in near the end of the story to save the day and heal Barbara Gordon’s spine before her next adventure as Batgirl. That might just be in my mind, but you can’t deny that Bat-Mite would make this story just a little bit better. Especially in the possible scene where the little guy is trapped inside a tub filling up with boiling acid.

The film will hit shelves this July and hopefully on streaming at some point after that.

(Via DC Comics / Comic Book.Com)