Can The R-Rated Version Of ‘Batman V Superman’ Persuade You To Buy Movie Tickets?

04.12.16 3 years ago 11 Comments

We already knew Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has an R-rated version coming to home video with several deleted scenes. We also know the film experienced one of the worst second week drops in box office gross and may not earn as much as Man of Steel, leading to some shifting release dates for other Warner movies (Affleck is gonna be grim). So the newest rumor shouldn’t be a surprise: Warner may be looking to bring the R-rated version to theaters to make more money on second viewings.

Word on the street is, Warner Bros. is considering a theatrical release for the R-rated cut of Batman V Superman. If this comes to pass, you should expect to hear some studio-issued bullsh*t about how putting the R-rated cut in theaters is “a gift to the fans”, and definitely not a naked cash grab meant to boost Batman V Superman‘s already-flagging performance at the box office. Who’s being defensive? I’m not being defensive. You’re being defensive. (Via)

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