The Best ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Meme Entries Include A Battle Between ‘Deadpool’ And Bette Midler


The #StraightOutta meme (and its handy generator) has taken the internet by storm for days ahead of the Straight Outta Compton movie’s August 14 release. The recent NBA memes were off the hook, and now other famous people generated images in an unofficial contest. In what looked like a clear win, Deadpool went for the “chimichangas” joke without too much effort. The Merc with a Mouth could easily win the comic book audience. But wait!

Several other well-known names have taken the generator into their own hands. These are their stories. For starters, Mia Khalifa represents from Maryland.


Bette Midler takes us back to the days of Hocus Pocus with her entry.

Jennifer Lopez travels back to her time as Jenny from the Bronx.


Serena Williams is all about poise and the athletic Beats by Dre.


Questlove fully embraced the meme and uploaded a childhood photo.


Ed Sheeran took it old school with a fancy hat.

LeBron James brought the statute and dignity needed for this silly meme.

Lil’ Kim also played things pretty serious with a claim to Brooklyn.

Rick and Morgan from The Walking Dead showed up for a good time.

Sadly, it was Jason Biggs of American Pie and OITNB fame who smashed the entire contest. This is much more cleverness than one would expect from a pie lover.


One more contender: Cris Cyborg’s entry takes a shot at possible future opponent Ronda Rousey.