Bill Paxton’s Cause Of Death Has Officially Been Confirmed

Bill Paxton, beloved actor known from projects like Twister, Titanic, and most recently Training Day, passed away at the end of February at the too-young age of 61. His passing was a surprise to fans and his friends in Hollywood, and the only information immediately available about his death was that it was caused by “complications form surgery.” Tributes poured in from storm chasers and weathermen around the country, thanking him in their own way for his work as a fictional storm chaser in Twister, as well as from fellow actors and former co-workers.

Now, a little over a week after Paxton’s death, the cause has been officially confirmed via his death certificate. Based on a report from People, Paxton died due to a stroke after undergoing heart surgery. The planned surgery was meant to replace a heart valve and correct an aortic aneurysm, and actually occurred many days before he died on February 14th. The stroke occurred on February 25th and the news broke about the actor’s passing a short time later.

This new insight into the actor’s passing only further goes to show that sudden medical complications can happen to anyone, even celebrities who are still working consistently and seem to be in perfect health. Paxton will be missed dearly, as will the lost opportunities for him to bring more characters to life on screen.

(via Entertainment Weekly)