The ‘Deadwood’ Movie Has Been Greenlit By HBO After A Over Decade Of Starts And Stops


Last week, Deadwood star Robin Weigert (who majestically played the kickass Calamity Jane for three seasons of the HBO show) casually mentioned to the LA Times that a movie version of the gloriously profane series stood a 90% chance of happening. This was difficult to believe, given that the project had experienced 12 years of starts and stops from HBO with a lot of expressed hope from the cast along the way. Yet the cable network has now announced that Timothy Olyphant’s Seth Bullock, Ian McShane’s Al Swearingen, Jane, and all the rest will finally finish getting their due in a two-hour wrap-up film.

Indeed, Deadwood stars learned in spring 2006 that their options wouldn’t be renewed for a fourth season, but HBO President Casey Bloys declared on Wednesday, “Let’s get cameras rolling.” He added that the movie’s production shall begin in October and possibly air in spring 2019:

When asked where the next phase of Deadwood would pick-up, Bloys was mum. Years ago, creator David Milch hinted that a fourth season would have focused on some historical events that occurred in the western town, i.e. a huge fire, a plague outbreak with saloon kingpin Al Swearingin fleeing on a barge down the river. “It has been a logistical nightmare getting it together,” said Bloys in regards to casting, etc.

A logistical casting nightmare? Yes, and that was exactly the sentiment that Olyphant used in March while stating, “It’s very hard to get people together for a barbecue that lasts an afternoon … Let alone for a production that lasts a month or two.” Yet it seems that the State of California’s recent awarding of a $4.195 million tax incentive (which was due to expire in October) was enough final motivation for the greenlight.

Game of Thrones episodic director Dan Minahan is already on board to direct, and if someone can manage to round up the cast, this should all go off without a further hitch. Actually, if someone wants to go dangle a hat in front of Olyphant and drop a script full of curse words in front of McShane, that would help.

(Via Deadline)