Please Allow This Adorable Drunk Woman To Explain The Meaning Of ‘Star Wars’

The fandom went wild over Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but not everyone is up to date on what happened “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.” Sometimes an alternate perspective can bring a new appreciation to a well-worn classic, and that’s what Mark Zabala presented on Facebook. His girlfriend, Maggie K, drank “a few glasses of wine” and explained the plot and significance of the original Star Wars movies. The results were fantastic.

Maggie (as Zabala explains on YouTube) is nearly a Star Wars virgin. She’s watched ads and heard people talk about the original trilogy, but she hasn’t watched the films. Yet she’s a good sport and explains how the main character, Lucas, is played by Richard Gere. Lucas’ “sole mission” is to save the princess, who is the pure “bride of Lucas.” Maggie digs deep as she describes “a very political, very intense scene,” which sees Lucas fight his father with Lifesavers. She sees Darth Vader as evil because he wears black, whereas Stormtroopers represent “purity, angel like.” Their outfits are “white costumes, not quite KKK,” and they save the princess.

Zabala’s production of this video is likewise hilarious with visual cues that punctuate Maggies’s narration. She forges forth with a South Park reference towards Lucas’ daddy issues and a sweet mention of the “little green guy,” who might be Buddha. She eventually turns her attentions to Chihuahua, “the pet of all these other characters. He’s like my cat.” Maggie gestures towards the corner, where her cat sort of ignores the mayhem. Dare I say this version of Star Wars is almost enjoyable? Make it happen, Richard Gere.

(Via Mark Zabala on Facebook)