Emma Thompson Thinks The Current Superhero Movie Trends Have Been Overdone

Emma Thompson
Getty Image

Everybody loves superhero movies like The Avengers or Batman V Superman. Everybody, that is, except for those who keep saying we’ll all eventually grow sick of them, as Steven Spielberg predicted. One such person to make his theory come true in present day is Emma Thompson. The Oscar-winning actress is not afraid to stoke the ire of superhero fanboys and fangirls by coming out against superhero movies. They apparently don’t make ’em anymore like Christopher Reeve did, as Thompson elaborated to Vulture:

“I loved the original Superman with Chris Reeve…because there was a real tongue-in-cheek-ness to it.”

However, she tells the site that she is tired of the current crop of superhero movies, saying that the story structure has been done to death:

“The fact that I know they’re going to win out in the end has now slightly interfered with my continuing to go to those movies…

“If I see yet another Spider-Man, I’m going to have to actually hang myself. I can’t do it anymore! They’re all marvelous, but how many times can you make this franchise, for crying out loud?”

Boy, Thompson goes in, and I mean she really goes in on Spider-Man. Guess she’s not too happy to hear the series is being rebooted yet again (though, really, she should be).  She did want to know when that Wonder Woman movie is coming out? Thompson actually seemed excited for that one, at least. For now though, she’ll have to be satisfied with the female superhero’s appearance in Batman V. Superman.

(Via Vulture)