Flame Off: ‘Fantastic Four 2’ Removed From Fox’s Schedule

“Gonna need you to stop right there, Fantastic Four 2.”

The Fantastic Four kerfuffle seems to be drawing to an inevitable close, after the, um, difficult production created a reported $60 million loss for Fox, a “come at me, bro” rift between Josh Trank and Miles Teller, a telling deleted tweet, an unfortunate slow down in job offers for Toby Kebbell, and joke fodder for Kate Mara (who still hasn’t seen it). Even though Fox was still planning a sequel as the movie was tanking in theaters, they’ve finally removed Fantastic Four 2 from their release schedule — furtively revealing the news late Monday night — with no word on when (or if) they’ll make it.

Fox still holds the Fantastic Four rights until 2022, so they have time to decide if they’ll still go ahead with a delayed sequel or hold off and reboot it to retain the rights. As for the originally planned release date of June 9, 2017, the only movie currently sitting there is Paramount’s World War Z sequel, although we’ve heard rumors Fox may move a Deadpool sequel into Fantastic Four 2‘s release date. Fox could also move their sexy heist movie Gambit into that spot, as it’s going to miss its October 7, 2016 release date. Man, there’s so many superhero movies getting delayed lately. That’s reality, though.

(Via CBM and Comic Book)

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