There’s Already A ‘Feminist Mad Max’ Meme. Oh, What A Lovely Day.

Mad Max: Fury Road may have ruffled the feathers of the not-yet-extinct creature known as the Neckbearded Whargarbler, but that hasn’t stopped others from calling it perhaps the best action movie in a decade and your favorite movie 10 years from now. We’re not sure if simply treating multiple female characters as human beings constitutes feminism — as opposed to just, you know, good storytelling — but it seems Fury Road is going to be labeled feminist, all the same.

That label comes with some bad things, but it also carries good outcomes, like the new single-serving Tumblr Feminist Mad Max. It just started last Monday and riffs on the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” thing.

Hey girl, check out some of Feminist Mad Max’s adventures below, and you can see the rest at Feminist Mad Max. Hat tip to Boing Boing.

(Via Feminist Mad Max and Feministryangosling)