First Look: It’s The Officially Licensed ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Dancing Groot!

We’re not sure why we’re still worrying if this is a spoiler or not. If your day is ruined by hearing a character in a movie dances at some point, we don’t know what to tell you. For everybody else, that adorable scene of Groot shaking his leafy thing to the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” (video here) is finally available as a tangible object you can buy. You’re welcome.

There have been fan made versions of this resurrected hero, but the toy you see above is an officially licensed Funko Pop vinyl. We’ve been following their cute stuff for awhile, so when their Twitter page retweeted the picture above from Ryan Penagos, we knew it was legit.

This is the next best thing to getting Groot’s dance model James Gunn to put on a Groot costume and dance in our living rooms. I’m so damn excited I’ve got to shake it off.

Via Superpunch