Seth Rogen Is Throwing James Franco A Bar Mitzvah, You Guys

Seth Rogen and James Franco are good friends. Really good friends. Really, really good friends. How good? So good that Rogen is throwing his pal a Bar Mitzvah, despite the fact that Franco is 37 years old. Yeah. That good.

Seth and his wife, Lauren run a charity called Hilarity For Charity, which raises awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease, especially among Millennials. According to Varietytheir fundraiser this year is the aforementioned Bar Mitzvah and will be held at the Hollywood Palladium on October 17. Tickets go on sale August 11, so you’ve got some time to start saving:

“Ever since I’ve known James, he’s been talking about wanting a bar mitzvah. We’re excited to see him finally become a man while also helping us raise awareness and funds for people living with Alzheimer’s and towards research that will lead to a cure. And in celebration we’ll also have a mohel and a live bris for James at the event.”

Last year’s fundraiser produced $1 million for the charity. Previous events have featured celebrities such as Paul Rudd, Bruno Mars, Sarah Silverman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

(Via Variety)