‘Top Gun’ Favorite Kelly McGillis Is Recovering From A Scary Home Invasion

Kelly McGillis, most well known for her role as Tom Cruise’s love interest and all around badass Charlie Blackwood in Top Gun, is recovering well after she experienced a scary home invasion and attack. An assailant broke into her home in North Carolina last week and attacked the actress, who was only able to call emergency services after a short struggle with the criminal. Fortunately, Kelly made it out okay and is recovering well even if she is a bit shaken.

To assure fans she will be alright in no time, McGillis posted an encouraging message on her Facebook page. Apparently the assailant was in her home when she got back from an event and charged erratically at Kelly.

“I finally broke away, got in the truck and drove off trying to find a neighbor to call 911. There was no one around since it was Friday night, so I chased someone in a car, kept flashing my lights and honking the horn. They finally pulled over and she made the 911 call for me. A truly good Samaritan. Dispatch told me to wait there for there for someone to arrive. Too shorten this ever long story. She was apprehended.”

“I’m alright. Scratched and bruise. I feel very thankful it turned out well. But who I feel heartache for is the little girl that was with her. Mental illness takes many hostages. I don’t know her name…but I would like to asked that you pray for her and her mother. On a lighter note…my cell phone was thrown in the street and run over by my pick up. Thanks to the Otter case it still is in good shape. Also I have RayBan glasses frames and the were ripped from my face and stomped on I don’t know how many times. They are still wearable. It always a good day when you can find the positive in a negative situation.”

Well, at least the RayBan’s are safe. That is definitely the most important part of this story and not all of that stuff about a home invasion and dangerous situation. Fortunately, Kelly’s attacker was apprehended by the authorities and is being charged with a litany of crimes related to the night in question. Best wishes to Kelly in her continued recovery.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)