A ‘Knives Out’ Fan Remade A Scene With LEGO, And Rian Johnson Approved

The easiest way to improve any piece of entertainment these days? Make it LEGO, apparently. That’s what Disney will attempt to do with the infamous Star Wars Christmas special, the latest use of the building set in a mashup of entertainment properties.

There are plenty of LEGO sets these days that feature TV shows and movies, and even Schitt’s Creek might get a LEGO hotel to call its own. But White Stripes-ing movie scenes is often a fun experiment in how the film translates to, well, plastic. In the case of Knives Out, even the movie’s director Rian Johnson was a fan of the work one animator did.

A movie fan and animator who goes by the name Joebor1777 on YouTube and Twitter has transformed a number of different scenes into LEGO form. But his video of a pivotal scene (spoilers coming) in Knives Out — Ransom revealing he’d been removed from the family’s fortune and subsequently telling the rest of the family off — was an immediate hit with Johnson, who quickly retweeted it on Saturday.

It’s a great scene as filmed by Johnson, but you have to appreciate the lengths that Joebor1077 has gone to get the characters right and, yes, getting Chris Evans an appropriate-looking sweater. It’s a great reminder to, well, watch all of Knives Out again, and get excited that Daniel Craig is reprising his role whenever it’s safe to make movies again.