A New ‘Labyrinth’ Film Is On The Way — Are You Ready For A New Goblin King?

Bet you didn’t expect to see this news “Magic Dance” across your screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony (by way of Tri Star) and The Jim Henson Company are aligning to make a brand new Labyrinth film, which means some poor bastard may have to try and replace David Bowie as The Goblin King. Or maybe not. At this time, it’s not known whether this is a remake or if it’s a re-imagining or a sequel. But somebody’s getting lost in a mystical labyrinth filled with Muppet-y creatures and somebody best be getting felt up by the helping hands.

The new film will be written by Nicole Perlman, who co-wrote Guardians of the Galaxy. She’s also working on the script for Captain Marvel. No word yet on who will direct. As I hope you know, Jim Henson directed the original, which co-starred Jennifer Connelly as a teenager desperately searching for her kidnapped baby brother. The film was produced by George Lucas. Lisa Henson, Jim’s daughter, is onboard as an executive producer for this one.


Should we? Should I? I suppose I should just… HOW ABOUT THAT TIMING, HUH?!? Obviously, deals like this have a lot of moving parts, so it’s not like some uncaring studio-type saw the uptick in Labyrinth mentions on social media following the death of David Bowie 11 day ago, ran down the hallway, and presented their wizard of an idea to a table full of equally uncaring decision makers. This has surely been long-in-the-works; however, maybe a few more weeks of distance between that sad loss and this news might have been best.

With that said, though, here we are with a new Labyrinth on the way from a gifted screenwriter and a company (Henson) that is going to be committed to presenting this story with the same spirit as the original. Things could be worse, is what I’m saying.


Cross reboot off the list, Nicole Perlman has taken to Twitter to tell us all that much.

Update II:

Perlman also realizes the timing ain’t grand on this news.

Source: THR