Mattel Unveils A Lara Croft Barbie In Honor Of The ‘Tomb Raider’ Movie

Warner Bros.

Over the last few years, Mattel has branched out with its Barbie line to include heroes from the comic book world like Wonder Woman, but they’ve never modeled a doll after the star of a mature-rated video game series. Now, with Alicia Vikander’s Tomb Raider movie coming to theaters March 16th, a Lara Croft doll is here to raid tombs and possibly ride along in a pink Corvette in her off time.

IGN got the scoop at this weekend’s New York Toy Fair and have a smattering of cool poses for Lara and her ice pick (no bow or gun for the kid’s toy) on their site.

Here’s Mattel’s look:


While those poses are worth a definitely worth a look for longtime (and new) fans that are proud their bear-shooting, puzzle-solving badass has made the big time, some collectors have already gotten their hands on the new figure. There’s already an unboxing of the new doll:

The reboot of the beloved game series is looking on point in the trailers from Warner Bros, but getting a Barbie rather than the typical collectible is truly interesting. Will collectors have a problem getting the Barbie to put next to their Nathan Drake? Probably not. It looks cool.

(Via IGN)