LEGO Set For The New ‘Ghostbusters’ Reveals One Of The Movie’s Ghosts And A Possible Plot Point

Warning: Possible, maybe, sort of spoilers ahead.

LEGO and Ghostbusters have been a productive team for a while now, with LEGO making some pretty excellent sets based on the original ’80s movies, so of course they’re also going to be making a set devoted to the upcoming Melissa McCarthy-featured revamp. That set was officially revealed on Twitter and Facebook today, and it’s both adorable and somewhat revealing.

Taking a closer look at the pictures, we see what just may be the movie’s spectral villain. Or maybe it’s just a random ghost, but he looks too mean to be a lovable Slimer-like character.

When you have that many pointy teeth, you pretty much have to be a bad guy.

Now, let’s examine this tiny plastic Chris Hemsworth…

…it definitely looks like Chris has got a touch of the demonic possession. We already know he’s playing this movie’s Janine, but could he also be playing the new version of Sigourney Weaver’s Dana? Those evil red eyes certainly hint at that. Points to Paul Feig for efficiency if it turns out to be the case. I kind of hope Hemsworth plays literally every non-female character in the movie.

LEGO’s new Ghostbusters set hits shelves July 1, while the movie haunts theaters July 25.