Mark Wahlberg Is In A World Of Hell In The New Trailer For ‘The Gambler’

In the first trailer for The Gambler, a very bald John Goodman sternly explained to Mark Wahlberg what might eventually happen to him if he doesn’t pay back a loan. He also explained the merits of simply telling someone, “F*ck you,” but aside from knowing that the name of the film is The Gambler, we didn’t really know just how much trouble the titular degenerate was in. Now, in the brand new trailer, we get to watch as the Gambler blows his big winnings in ridiculously dumb fashion, invoking the wrath of not only one bookie (Michael K. Williams), but also another, his own mom and then a very bald Goodman.

But don’t worry too much about skinny Professor Marky Mark, because he’s finding love or something by sleeping with one of his students. Get it? He gambles not only on cards, sports and roulette, but also in matters of the heart. It really makes you think.