Matthew McConaughey Is, Shockingly, Not Hollywood’s Most Shirtless Actor

Matthew McConaughey is shirtless. A lot. Both in real life (like when he’s getting arrested while playing the bongos… naked) and in his movies. Fool’s Gold: shirtless. The Beach Bum: shirtless, obviously. Serenity: shirtless. Failure to Launch: shirtless. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: more like how to lose a shirt in 10 seconds. Magic Mike: I mean…

Point is, it’s weird seeing McConaughey wear a shirt, so I was surprised to discover that he’s not Hollywood’s most shirtless actor. He’s not even Hollywood’s second most shirtless actor. The first-time author is in third place. Bingo Sites, via CinemaBlend, crunched the numbers and discovered that “Daniel Craig nabs the crown as the most shirtless actor: the scenes in which he appears shirtless are equivalent to 1,278 seconds (or 21 minutes).” Behind him is Sylvester Stallone with 1,117 seconds, which feels like cheating because he’s Rocky and boxers are often shirtless (that’s like saying Michael Phelps is the most shirtless athlete), followed by McConaughey with 1,026 seconds. James Bond being Extremely Shirtless is not shocking, but more than this guy? Gasp.

Here’s the complete top 10.

10. Zac Efron (694 seconds)
9. Leonardo DiCaprio (724)
8. Colin Farrell (730)
7. Charlie Hunnam (799)
6. Christian Bale (833)
5. Michael Fassbender (853)
4. Jake Gyllenhaal (913)
3. Matthew McConaughey (1,026)
2. Sylvester Stallone (1,117)
1. Daniel Craig (1,278)

Congrats to hunks everywhere. As for nude scenes, Eva Green is number one by far (she’s at 1,730 seconds, while Helen Mirren ranks second with 1,496 seconds; Ewan McGregor is the most in-the-buff male with 1,103 seconds), while “women spent an average of 10 seconds of scene time per hour in the nude, while men bared some or all of their bodies for just 5.9 seconds per hour,” which is not surprising. Between this important intelligence, and the Ringer learning that Keanu Reeves is at the top of the Hollywood Sex Symbol Leaderboard, we’re living in the golden age of Horny Data.

(Via Bingo Sites and CinemaBlend)