The New ‘Fast And Furious 8’ Vehicles Are Looking Awesome

There are a lot of questions surrounding the upcoming eighth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise. What direction will the franchise take now that it has officially retired the late Paul Walker’s character? How will new-to-the-franchise director F. Gary Gray fare directing his first Fast film? And, most importantly, which sick new rides will our favorite family of gearheads be driving at largely unadvisable speeds on cinema screens next year?

We don’t have an answer to the first two questions, but thankfully we’ve got something for the third. On Friday, the official Fast and Furious Facebook page posted a sneak peek at some of the new vehicles that will be featured in the film. They seem to be mostly specific to a sequence shot in some kind of arctic terrain and are all equipped for driving in the snow. Some of the rides seem pretty predictable, with Vin Diesel’s Dom driving a Dodge Ice Charger, one that appears to be especially bullet-ridden in the picture. Others seem a little more out of left field, with Ludacris’s tech-wiz Tej manning…a tank? Yeah, that’s a tank. A Ripsaw, to be specific. Go figure.

You can check out the rest of the photos on the franchise’s official Facebook page here. With filming well underway, there should be some sort of peek at what the film has in store for us soon. Until then, we’ll be in our rooms daydreaming about Diesel’s Dominic and The Rock’s Hobbs settling down together and buying a house in the suburbs. With a tank.