‘Pacific Rim 2’ Gets A Code Name And A Start Date

Pacific Rim was that rare, beautiful thing… a very dumb movie made by very smart people who enjoy really dumb movies. It existed entirely to show us gigantic robots punching out equally gigantic goopy monsters, and it was great. And we’re now getting a sequel.

Global News is reporting the movie starts shooting in November, will be mostly shot in Toronto, and has a working title of Maelstrom. Nerdy nerd fact: The original movie had the production codename of “Silent Seas,” so, at the very least, they’re continuing the nautical theme.

Also, the Kaiju will be more of a focus this time around. Interestingly, Guillermo del Toro has noted that we won’t be invading the alternate reality the Kaiju came from, but that we’re going to see more of it. He also noted that we left a bunch of our technology behind on said world, so we’re more or less assuming this is going to be a movie filled with giant cyborgs. We’re very okay with this.

(Via BirthMoviesDeath)