‘SNL’ Goes Directly To The Point When Addressing The Oscars’ Diversity Issues

There are times when hitting you over the head with a topic becomes too much. Not the case with this SNL sketch that deals with ongoing controversy surrounding the Oscars. It takes a fairly ridiculous situation and hits it with an even more ridiculous sketch that pushes the point home. Not only are only white actors nominated for all the awards in the sketch, they’re nominated for the silliest roles in the films.

The tops here are definitely Bobby Moynihan’s White Man With Camera in the Beasts of No Nation parody and Beck Bennett as Dave in the story of Thurgood Marshall. You don’t want to tussle with Dave when it comes to the closing time at the library, even if you are the first African American Supreme Court justice.

Sure, it doesn’t hit as well as say Danny DeVito’s comments on the issue or the many other criticisms we’ve heard over the week. But it does highlight the silliness of the Oscar nomination process — and the Oscars themselves. Or any awards show. They’re all kinda pointless unless you yourself are up for an award. And even then, it shows that the nominations are far more important. The controversy shows it.

(Via SNL)

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