Take A Look At The New Black Series Tie Fighter From Hasbro’s ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Line

Hasbro is calling September 4th “Force Friday.” That’s when the new line of Star Wars figures for The Force Awakens will hit stores, including the two beauties you’ll see below being released for the Black Series line of high end figures. Not only did Hasbro showcase some of the new line at Comic-Con 2015, they also unveiled the first vehicle in Black Series history: a First Order Tie Fighter from The Force Awakens.

The thing is massive and would almost need it’s own room for display (if you’re into that sort of thing), featuring a cockpit that is close to the size of a child’s head. The massive, high end toy will come with a six inch pilot figure that features the same level of detail as its larger counterparts.

Elsewhere in the Black Series, a First Order Stormtrooper got a nice reveal as the first figure from the new film to grace the series.

The figure is a Comic-Con exclusive and showcases the new style of box art with hand drawn art and a backstory for the character inside according to the official Star Wars web site:

Chris Nadeau did the packaging design for the First Order stormtrooper. “We wanted to tell a little bit of a story with our Comic-Con exclusive this year.”

“The Black Series now has exclusive hand-drawn art” on the box.” Showing a new Chewie box, with black and red colors, and an illustration of Chewbacca on the front.

You’ll probably have to scrounge around the seedy portions of the Internet or eBay to find one of these now, but the Tie Fighter should become available on “Force Friday” with the rest of the Force Awakens line. Kids and sweaty adults everywhere will be lining up to get their grubby mitts on a mint condition Babbajo.

(Via ThePeteAwakens / Star Wars)