The Love, Loss, And Devastating Life Of Keanu Reeves

The L.A. coroner’s office picked up the phone. At the end of the line a voice cracked.

Was Jen Syme there? 

Coroner’s Office investigator, Lt. Cheryl MacWillie, confirmed that, indeed, the body of Jennifer Syme was in their care.

Did they need someone to identify the body?

Lt. MacWillie responded that the body had already been identified by driver’s license. Had it not been for the license, the man on the phone, Keanu Reeves, would have certainly needed to come identify the remains.

Although he’s one of the biggest box-office attractions of all-time, Keanu Reeves has had his share of devastating tragedies that could have easily derailed any man. Abandonment. Bewilderment. Death. For those who are not emotionally disconnected, the journey through mortality ushers in facets of mourning which are par for the course.

Yet, somehow, Keanu has been able to swim past the crashing tides of tragedy without drowning. But, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t swallowed some water along the way. Just don’t expect him to tell you about it.

The First Cut

English-born Patricia Taylor, 21, was a showgirl performing at a Beirut casino when a 19-year old Samuel Nowlin Reeves spotted her. He was awestruck. They fell in love, and before the both of them knew it, Taylor would become pregnant and the two would marry. “She roped me right in as soon as I saw her,” Samuel said in a 2001 interview. “When she got pregnant, she just flat out told me, ‘I’m going to pop out the little buggah, so we’re getting married.’ It was fine with me.”