Newly Crowned Blockbuster King Timothee Chalamet Just Crossed A Rare Box Office Milestone

Once every generation, there is one star who shines brighter than others. And that’s not just because of their expensive veneers. Timothee Chalamet is quickly becoming the next big star thanks to his ability to appeal to both young women and Martin Scorsese.

In the last few months, Chalamet has starred in both the family-friendly pic Wonka and the sandy-friendly epic Dune Part 2. With those two films, he has led the top two domestic-grossing films over the last eight months (not counting a superhero ensemble-type cast, which would likely bring Chris Pratt to the top of the list). This is pretty rare!

This week, Dune became the second film to pass $200 million at the box office since July, a feat that Wonka hit in March. As pointed out by IndieWire, this type of stuff doesn’t happen to a single star very often. The site claimed that last time a lead in a live-action film reached the same achievement was John Travolta with Grease and Saturday Night Fever. Remember when people actually liked musicals?

Iconic action stars like Harrison Ford and Tom Cruise have had similar success, but none of them can hold a note quite like Timmy.

Meanwhile, Chalamet couldn’t care less! The man has been galavanting around town cosplaying as Bob Dylan and filling dads across the country with rage.

(Via IndieWire)