Warner Bros. Reportedly Wants Phil Lord And Chris Miller For ‘Flash’

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04.04.15 11 Comments

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Between occasional bits of news from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, little is known about what Warner Bros. has planned for The Flash. The DC Cinematic Universe is slowly gaining momentum, but details are scarce — until now.

According to Latino Review‘s scooper “El Maybe” and a recent episode of Popcorn Talk, directing duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller are “circling” the project:


When discussing the prospect on Popcorn Talk, the panel suggested the duo might be in a “tug of war” between Warner Bros. and Sony (for an all-male Ghostbusters film). This is all speculation of course, but of all the Justice League’s members, wouldn’t Barry Allen benefit most from a film by the successful comedy directors?

That is, if Warner Bros. intends to go the Allen route with the character. Either way, seems like it’d be a good fit.

(Via Latino Review and Popcorn Talk)

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