Watch Matthew McConaughey Tell An Entertaining Story About His Wild High School Days

Since we’re in the business of digging up classic Matthew McConaughey footage these days, it seems like a proper time to share this pretty amazing clip. It comes courtesy of the fine folks over at Reddit and features McConaughey on Lopez Tonight of all places.

This is the man right on the cusp of The McConaissance in March 2011, back when he was trolling around as The Lincoln Lawyer and Lopez Tonight was on its last legs. I don’t know if it was one last gasp of air for George Lopez talk show career or if McConaughey was as loose as you can get for a television appearance, but it makes for one great segment.

The entire clip features some talk about Mexicans and a McConaughey Spanish lesson, but the real meat is in the story that the clip is queued up to show. It features a place called The Paradise Club (boarded up Sunday through Friday), some ladies of the night, a very drunk friend, and a group of angry locals.

I’ve grown up hearing stories like this, but I never expected to hear one on a TV show (especially Lopez Tonight). It’s worth a watch and has to be the best thing to happen in the post-Conan slot on TBS. I guarantee we’ll never speak of Lopez Tonight again.

(Via Lopez Tonight / Reddit)