03 Greedo Has Earned His GED While Serving A 20-Year Prison Sentence

Via Getty Image / Instagram

Tuesday morning, 03 Greedo, the once-promising L.A. rapper from Watts, shared that he earned his GED via Instagram while in prison. In 2016, Greedo started to gain mainstream attention in the music industry with his Purple Summer mixtape trilogy. Then, with more eyes on him, Greedo released his mixtape The Wolf Of Grape Street to critical acclaim. In 2018, Greedo’s life changed for better and worse, with the release of his debut album God Level via Alamo Records and his sentencing of 20 years in prison a month later for drug trafficking and two charges for possession of firearms. That said, it appears Greedo’s making good use of his time incarcerated having obtained his GED, and the rapper can be released as soon 2023 with good behavior.

“Grad pics,” Greedo said in an Instagram post. “Shout out to my father in law for coming through 👨🏾‍🎓. Thanks wife 💍. A n**** just gained a (little) weight, a n**** eating good, that’s why.”

In addition to earning his GED while locked up, Greedo’s been staying busy with music, releasing a joint-EP with Travis Barker via Alamo Records last month titled Meet The Drummers. Also, last month, Greedo said if he had to serve his full 20-year sentence that a 3,000 song rollout is in place. Greedo will be around one way or another.