03 Greedo, Kenny Beats, And Freddie Gibbs Recreate An Iconic Drug Film In Their ‘Disco Sh*t’ Video

03 Greedo and Kenny Beats’ collaborative album Netflix And Deal is out today and to celebrate, the unlikely duo also released their claymation-featuring video for the album single “Disco Sh*t” with Freddie Gibbs. Honestly, all the clever ways in which Greedo’s collaborators have managed to get him into his videos while he’s been incarcerated have been stellar, but this one takes the cake because the world could use a little — or a lot — more claymation.

Directed by William Child, the stop-motion-animated video takes its inspiration from the 2001 American biographical crime film Blow, with little clay Greedo taking over the role of film’s protagonist George Jung from Johnny Depp, clay Kenny portraying Tuna in place of Ethan Suplee, and clay Freddie supplanting Cliff Curtis as Pablo Escobar in a reproduction of the film’s most iconic scenes, including the early meeting between Jung and Escobar in Medellin, Colombia. The title of the song, of course, comes from the film’s memorable quote: “We’re f*cking beautiful. We’re perfect. This is grade-A, 100% pure, Colombian cocaine, ladies and gentlemen: Disco Sh*t.”


Netflix And Deal arrives on the heels of even more 03 Greedo collaborative efforts, including his Meet The Drummers with Travis Barker and Still Summer In The Projects with Mustard — all recorded in the narrow time frame between his sentencing and his incarceration. The wildly prolific Watts rapper also reportedly earned his GED while in prison, setting himself up for a huge comeback should he receive his early release in four years.

Netflix And Deal is out now via Alamo Records. Get it here.