These 13 Outkast Songs Will Help Make You A Street Philosopher

01.08.16 2 years ago 4 Comments
Outkast Concert

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Whether it was André 3000 painting metaphors and tales of meeting gypsies or Big Boi spitting insights on more literal situations, Outkast has been dropping philosophical gems in their music for more than 20 years now. Since the duo debuted with Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik in 1992, they’ve made it their specialty to make music that stands out from all the rest, including their own past works.

While the novelty was refreshing and brought them what would grow into a fanbase of millions, the part of their music that gave it an everlasting replay value is the well of knowledge hidden within their lyrics. It’s fair to say that you could play an Outkast track on multiple occasions and get a new message from it each time.

They may make it look really easy, but there’s an art to passing down wisdom the way that Outkast does. If you want to learn how to do the same, listening to these Outkast songs would be a good way to start.

“Rosa Parks”

To this day, no one really knows why this song is called “Rosa Parks,” besides the hook’s vague mention of sitting on a bus. But while we spend years trying to figure that part out, Big Boi and André left us with some easier puzzles to put together in their verses. While Big Boi touches on how nonconformity isn’t a bad thing (“take the back way” and “taking another route”), André tells us about how he met a gypsy that opened up his mind to the possibilities and helped him get out of his own way.

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