The 1995 Source Awards Is Officially Available In Its Entirety On YouTube

Getty Image

The 1995 Source Awards is widely regarded as a seminal moment in hip-hop history. While it was only the second ever iteration of the iconic program, its slate of presenters, performers, and guests were a collection of some of the most legendary names in the history of the genre. It was also the first year that the program was nationally syndicated and televised. And while many iconic moments from that August night in New York’s Madison Square Garden have lived on, the award show in its entirety has never been available online. That just changed.

On Tuesday, Twitter user @UrkelMoeDee made a special announcement to his followers. “ALL SAMPLES CLEARED. My VHS recording of the 1995 Source Awards is now live on @YouTube in its full 92-minute glory,” he wrote. And, with that, it appears the full awards show can be viewed as it was viewed during the live broadcast.

The video features all the night’s memorable moments like Andre 3000’s “The South got somethin’ to say!” speech after Outkast won the “New Artist of the Year (Group)” award and Suge Knight’s infamous “Come to Death Row!” dig at Diddy and Bad Boy.

You can watch the full video below.