50 Cent’s $1 Billion ‘Power’ Lawsuit Might Be Heading To Mediation In New York City

50 Cent’, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, is no stranger to filing and being on the receiving end of a civil lawsuit (see penis enhancement or former employee embezzlement lawsuits). However, as his co-executive produced series Power Book II: Ghost, starring Michael Rainey Jr., Method Man, and Mary J. Blige, made its return to the Starz network last week, the pending lawsuit surrounding it is also back in the headlines.

In April 2021, a gentleman by the name of Corey Holland Sr., whose nickname is Ghost, filed a $1 billion lawsuit again Jackson, the STARZ network, and series creator Courtney Kemp, alleging that the beloved show was based on his likeness. Holland believes that Kemp was inspired to current the show after obtaining a copy of his CD Blasphemy, which was originally given to Kemp’s father in 2007. He believes the seventh season of Power and the first two seasons of Power Book II: Ghost were directly inspired by that CD.

Given that Power has now birthed three spin-offs for the network (Power Book II: Ghost, Raising Kanan, and Power Book IV: Force), Holland feels that the $1 billion asking price for supposed intellectual property theft is justified.

According to HotNewHipHop, because the rapper’s legal team never responded to Holland’s complaint, the courts ordered all parties to come to a resolution through mediation. Although no date has been formally set, it is being reported that mediation could begin as soon as May.

He also alleged in court documents reviewed by the outlet that 50 Cent himself showed up at his home as he filed suit against him and attempted to start a physical altercation between the two of them.

50 Cent has not yet issued a statement about the allegations or the lawsuit.