50 Cent Responds To Chelsea Handler’s ‘Tonight Show’ Comments On His Trump ‘Endorsement’

50 Cent is looking to set the record straight on his political alignments after his offhand joke was taken as a literal endorsement of Donald Trump. When 50 posted about Joe Biden’s proposed tax plan and said he would be voting for Trump on Instagram, not only were fans quick to criticize him but so was his ex Chelsea Handler, who offered to pay off his taxes if only he’d reverse course and endorse Biden instead. After Handler was invited onto The Tonight Show to talk about the incident, 50 clarified his feelings on Trump and made a cryptic accusation.

After a quick explainer for host Jimmy Fallon, the comedian explained that the 62% tax rate 50 posted to Instagram wasn’t actually a part of Biden’s tax plan — instead, it represented the maximum tax a New York resident could pay in total before deductions and so forth — and further extended her offer beyond just paying off 50’s tax bill to giving their relationship another shot. However, 50 posted a clip of her appearance on The Tonight Show and seemingly backtracked on his previous position.

“F*ck Donald Trump,” he wrote. “I never liked him. For all I know, he had me set up and had my friend Angel Fernandez killed but that’s history.” 50 also posted an updated screenshot of his first Instagram post, which was blurred and flagged by the service for sharing political content that was missing context. “If Trump lose this election he is going to jail,” 50 mused.

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