50 Cent Sympathizes With Tekashi 69’s Decision To Testify Against His Former Crew

Despite some of his earlier comments about Tekashi 69 — whose testimony continues today — 50 Cent says that he can sympathize with the younger rapper. During a recent interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood to promote his Showtime show Power — now in its final season — 50 wound up sharing his thoughts about his onetime protege’s decision to take the stand against former Nine Trey compatriots Anthony “Harv” Ellison and Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack.

“I don’t even know how to explain it,” he admits. “I can identify how he was feeling. When you find out Shotti [Kifano Jordan, Tekashi’s former manager] is sleeping with your baby mama.. angry with you enough to kill you…then you don’t want them to get no money out of this situation anymore. Then he’s not from that [gang life]. He’s completely alienated. There’s no way out of it. You can sit in jail for the rest of your life or for 20 years of your life, and support and be loyal to guys that were sleeping with your baby’s mother and getting ready to attack your mother.”

Tekashi certainly would have had reason to be angry with the gang after Harv allegedly kidnapped and robbed him last year. Tekashi spent the late portion of yesterday’s session in court detailing the kidnapping, during which he offered Harv $100,000 to let him go and admitted fears that Harv would shoot him in his back. The Nine Trey gang reportedly had conversations about “super violating” the rainbow-haired rapper, so it is easy to see how taking a longer sentence on their behalf would seem the less attractive option. As it is, rap fans may be calling him a “snitch,” but very few of those criticizing have ever been in his position. Meanwhile, 50 apparently tried to do his part to help 69; it was previously reported that he tried to hire a lawyer for Tekashi when he was arrested, but was rebuffed as the plea deal had already been made.

During another recent interview, 50 revealed that he was working with Eminem on a new project.